Air Source Heat Pumps

More and more homeowners are installing Air Source Heat Pump systems in their homes, choosing to make their central heating system more sustainable with a low carbon heating solution.

An Air Source Heat Pump is a reversible heat pump that uses outside air as a heat source when in the heating mode, or as a heat sink when in the cooling mode. Both processes use the same vapour-compression refrigeration process and the same external heat exchanger with a fan that you would see used by air conditioners

Here at Mark Smith Plumbing & Heating, we are a registered installer for Grant Air Source Heat Pumps and G1 accredited, The heat pumps work efficiently even when temperatures drop as low as 20 degrees and their low operating sound levels enable them to integrate into outdoor surroundings even where noise restrictions may be in place.

Using free air to heat your home and hot water rather than fossil fuels like gas and oil will significantly lower both your impact on the environment and your energy bills. Although heat pumps use a small amount of electricity to run they can cut a home’s carbon emissions up to 50%.

We can send an engineer to survey and advise you on installing an Air Source Heat Pump to your property – call us on 01256 782410 to discuss your requirements.