Terms & Conditions


  1. Any quotation provided to you, our client, is from Kitchen and Bathroom Solutions Limited t/a Mark Smith Plumbing and Heating.  We are registered in England and Wales under company registration number 11552341 and our registered office is at The Ivy House, 1 Folly Lane, Petersfield.  GU31 4AU.
  2. The prices quoted do not include materials unless otherwise stated and are exclusive of VAT.
  3. Additions or alterations to the work detailed herein could result in the duration of works taking longer than originally expected and we accept no responsibility for jobs over running for this reason.
  4. Unforeseen additional works that might arise through no fault of the works that we are undertaking may be liable for additional charges, eg: faulty stop cocks, faulty workmanship caused by other tradesmen or home DIY tasks, damage caused to walls when removing tiles, uneven floors structural restrictions or hazardous situations etc.
  5. Boilers should be serviced yearly and have a service history.  If your boiler is not being properly serviced, an additional fee could  be charged at an hourly rate in addition to the standard boiler service charge.  Failure to undertake annual boiler servicing may invalidate the warranty.
  6. Work to be undertaken to repair boilers is subject to a separate disclaimer which the client must read and acknowledge before works commence.
  7. Any materials sourced by you, the client, are the responsibility of the client and any problems arising from these materials is solely the clients responsibility.  In this instance, clients’ sourced materials causing us delays could result in work over running and causing us to fall behind schedule.  Whilst we will endeavour to work around such problems, we cannot be held responsible for any loss of time, productivity, or financial loss.
  8. Due to unforeseen circumstances, such as ongoing projects, infectious disease outbreak or unsafe working conditions etc, we may need to change the date and time of works due to start and be completed.
  9. We will remove your old/faulty or damaged parts and dispose of them, unless you request to retain them at the time of works.

  10.  Any goods we (Kitchen and Bathroom Solutions Limited) supply will remain our property until they have been paid for in full. Where payment is not made we will, in principle, have the right to take the goods back.

Quotation & Payment Terms

  1. Any quotation is valid for 14 days.
  2. A deposit of 50% is required in advance for jobs over £1000.00 inclusive of VAT.
  3. Once we start works for you a weekly update of costs will be given and weekly stage payments will be due.
  4. Balance of accounts are due on practical completion of works.
  5. We reserve the right to withdraw any quotation at any time prior to any formal agreement between ourselves and the client.
  6. We reserve the right to withdraw a quotation if and when, products included within the quotation are withdrawn by the manufacturer or our suppliers and if we are no longer able to provide the products reasonably within the prices quoted.
  7. Any quotation that has been provided to you, the client, for the works detailed herein and any additions or alterations could be liable for additional costs.
  8. Orders cancelled within 4 weeks of a start date are liable for a charge of 30% of the full quotation value.  Any items that have been specifically custom made for you, the client, we will require full payment of the product regardless of any notice period of cancellation.
  9. By accepting our quotation, you, the client, agree to our terms and you are liable to pay our invoice, upon receipt.
  10. The client shall inspect the work as far as is reasonably possible upon completion of works.
  11. Domestic clients – invoices will be submitted to the client on completion of work and payment should be made to us upon practical completion of work.
  12. Commercial Clients – invoices will be submitted to the client on completion of work and payment should be made to us upon practical completion of works unless separate terms have been agreed.
  13. Failure to settle an account by the due date are liable to incur a finance charge equal to 10% of the gross invoice vale, from the date the invoice was raised until full settlement is made.
  14. Returned cheques are subject to a £25 processing charge and in addition we reserve the right to make an additional admin charge of £10.


  1. Prior to acceptance and the commencement of works, you, the client, shall inform us of any dangerous situations ie: gases, liquids, infectious/contagious diseases (including COVID) that are present on the premises where the work is to be carried out and which constitutes a danger to our staff carrying out the works.  You, the client, are responsible for the safety/safekeeping and or removal of any such item in accordance with health and safety legislations and requirements.
  2. If our work is hindered by domestic facilities providers (ie. Gas, Electricity or Water Board) and their supply to the premises, the client is liable for these charges.  You, the client, should also obtain permission for us to proceed with works, where necessary, over properties belonging to any third party if the nature of work so requires it.  You, the client, shall indemnify us against all claims made by third parties arising from our presence.
  3. We have Public Liability Insurances and copies of our Certificates are available upon request.
  4. Our Gas Engineers are Gas Safe registered and our Oftec Engineers are registered with Oftec.  Our fitters and installers are all qualified, experienced and competent to complete the work that is assigned to them.


  1. We guarantee our work, the materials, and the products we use (if supplied by us) for a period of 12 months.  We offer a faulty workmanship guarantee for 5 years on new boiler installations.
  2. Larger items covered by a manufacturers warranty may require technical assistance from the manufacturer.  In the event of a boiler breakdown or fault, the manufacturer will need to be notified and we cannot be held responsible for any delay caused by a third party.
  3. We will always endeavour to correct any issues as soon as possible but we cannot accept any responsibility for delays that are caused by the manufacturer or any third party we are relying on.
  4. If we are required to inspect or diagnose faults we reserve the right to make a charge for our time.
  5. No adjustments of these terms shall be effective unless made by a written agreement between the two parties.